English-Based Degree Program
Tama jōhō center/Computing and Networking Center Tama Office

Tama jōhō center/Computing and Networking Center Tama Office


総合棟 (1号館) 3F
3F, Building No.1 (All-purpose Building)

(2)Business calendar

Our business calendar is here (in Japanese).


(1)ID and Password

Please be sure to read our network policy the first time you use it.
The Hosei University Education and Research Information Network Usage Policy (PDF).

(2)Gmail/Google Workspace suite (G Suite)

(3)Virtual Private Network (VPN)

(4)Wireless network

3.Services for students

(1) Public Computers (On Campus)

◆Opening calendar
Opening calendar is here (in Japanese).
◆Installed Software


◆Printer Credits
◆On-Demand Printers
Using On-Demand Printing
Web Printing from a Loaned Laptop Computer or Your Own Computer
Printing from a Smartphone
Changing the Password for the On-Demand Printing App for Smartphones

(3)Webex and Zoom

Hosei University has adopted Cisco Webex Meetings and Zoom for conducting online classes.
Please click the following URL to refer to English Manuals for Login procedures:

・Cisco Webex MeetingsLog in to Hosei University Webex
You can change language after login.

・ZoomLog in to Hosei University Zoom
You can change language after login.

We strongly recommend that you use the browser version of Webex and Zoom, for the reason that you have to always keep your application up to the latest version in order not to get caught in trouble or malfunction.


You can use Adobe Creative Cloud® on a school multimedia computer (must be booked).
See below for more information.

What Is a Multimedia Computer?

An Adobe ID is required to use Adobe Creative Cloud on a school multimedia computer.
There is one multimedia computer each in the jōhō Cafeteria 2 of the All-Purpose Building and Study Room 1 of the Library.
For instructions on creating an Adobe ID, see the following link.

Create an Adobe ID

(5)Hosei University jōhō system Smartphone Service

You can also forward the mails from the University jōhō System to your smartphone. For details of mail-forwarding service on smartphones, click here (PDF).

(6)Office 365

The English-language version of Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus is available for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS;
see https://software.k.hosei.ac.jp/win-office/ (in Japanese)

4.Contact by email

Please make sure to write your name and your ID when you email us questions.

Emails from “hosei.ac.jp” domain have to be accepted.

Email address

tjoho@hosei.ac.jp (contact us anytime)

We will reply to your questions on the next business day when we receive your mail at night or on holidays.


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